The Theory Of Global Warming And Climate Change

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Ashley Colombe
December 6, 2014
The Theory of Global Warming and Climate Change:
What It Is, What It Has Done, and How to Fix It
The world is constantly going through changes, from freezing winters to hot summers. In recent years weather conditions, among many other things, have changed. Global warming and climate change is one theory that scientists believe has caused these recent occurrences. They have shown vast effects on the environment and the oceans throughout the United States and the world. Global warming has also afflicted animals and insects that inhabit the areas that are affected. Scientist and environmentalists across America have found new ways to reverse the effects of global warming. The solutions will force huge
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Global warming is when gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, rise up from the Earth into the atmosphere and create a “blanket.” (“Global Warming”). This also relates to the Greenhouse Effect, which is a term used to help explain how global warming works. Much like a greenhouse, the planet is surrounded by heat that comes from co2 and other gases released into the atmosphere, which leads to a higher temperature on Earth (Zhang and Li 8413). Although a small amount of these gases are helpful in keeping us from becoming one huge ice cube, in the past 300 years humans have created too much of these gases resulting in the atmosphere becoming too warm. Climate change on the other hand is the effect of what global warming has caused. Climate change is the shift in the overall atmospheric conditions over a long period of time from decades to centuries (Sustainability Glossary). By understanding what global warming and climate change are doing to the world as a whole, we can begin to see the effects to the environment, oceans, and animals that surround …show more content…
These changes have affected many things around the world. The environment has become increasingly hotter. The oceans are affected in many ways including a rise in water temperature and the damaging of the coral reefs. The lives and habits of animals and insects that live in these areas are changing, which leads to the change in humans lives. Scientists and environmentalists have many different ideas that can change the effects of what they think global warming and climate change is doing to the Earth. These include alterations throughout the United States such as wind power and green roofs. There are also everyday modifications that can be made, switching to fluorescent or to hybrid cars to minimize the amount of gases released into the atmosphere. Though global warming is a theory on why Earth’s temperature is currently rising, the impact of the increased climate is affecting all living things, making the transformation to a green planet an essential part of

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