The Theory Of Coaching And Mentoring Essay

2500 Words Nov 13th, 2016 10 Pages
Introduction Coaching and Mentoring are popular tools used in leadership development and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. Still, many of us are unclear what these words mean or when to use them, or how to identify the differences between these two approaches. A coach is “the act of training staff in business or office practice” whereas a mentor is “the practice of assigning a junior member of staff to the care of a more experienced person who assists him in his career” (Collins, n.d.). Thus, it is safe to say that coaching can be viewed as object-related where the individual comes up with the solution to the problem based on the guidance that was given whereas mentoring is more focused on the personal development that is on the premise of building a long-term relationship. Also, the government of Alberta website had some useful information on coaching and mentoring that helped further explain those differences. After researching and analyzing the information found on the Government of Alberta website and various Google search, we came to a clear understanding of where the project was heading regarding coaching or mentoring. Thus, in the section below, I will explain why we chose coaching, how this exercise will enhance my leadership potential along with relevant course materials that support it, and finally how this all ties to my personal philosophy.
Why My Partner and I Chose Coaching For this project, my partner and I opted to take the coach approach…

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