Essay On Coaching Planning

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This chapter focuses on planning for how to teach. If a plan is not made then it is easy to just let it go or forget, but having a plan in place helps to guide the teacher. Planning becomes extremely important the higher the competitive level that the coach is coaching. Athletes demand the very best that they can get from their coach this is just one example of coaches giving their athletes their all. Planning is very beneficial but it can be hard to find time to plan. When coaches make time to plan the benefits are numerous. With planning comes a lot of different skills to make sure are included in your plan. There are of course the obvious ones like “technical skills and physical training, but also the tactical, mental and communication …show more content…
200) When athletes feel engaged the learn more and thoroughly enjoy practices more. This helps make sure that athletes are still enjoying the sport and not getting burnt out from practices since many players enjoy games, but dread practices. A few other benefits are that you can plan “challenging and relevant learning situations.” (p. 200) Also that coaches can “ pace the learning and conditioning so your athletes are not overloaded or overtrained.” (p. 200) Providing challenges to your athletes makes sure that they continue to strive to get better rather than just settling with their current skillsets. Athletes being overtrained and overloaded causes injuries keeping athletes healthy should be the main concern of the coach. There are six steps to provide effective instructive planning. First, identify the skills your athletes need. There are six skills that must be addressed for this step they are: “technical, tactical, physical, mental, communication, and character.” (p. 201) When addressing each skill the coach must be as through as possible making sure to include points they find key to each athlete’s skillset. Identifying sources for skills can be very difficult but a few common ways are to purchase books, look at videos, consult with more experienced coaches and become an

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