Essay about The Theory Is The Transpersonal Caring Relationship

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The second key concept that is vital to the theory is the transpersonal caring relationship. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary (2015) the term transpersonal is defined as “extending or going beyond the personal or individual or of, relating to, or being psychology or psychotherapy concerned especially with esoteric mental experience that goes beyond the usual limits of ego and personality”. Thus, Watson explores relationships that are built upon connections with others that are based upon a spiritual or other cosmic type of bond. Watson explains that nurses are healers and not in just the physical aspect but also are meant to connect with others through the process of caring and be true to themselves during such periods.
The final component that ties together the theory is the caring moment or caring occasion. As Watson describes (2013), a caring moment or occasion is a point in time in which a nurse and another individual meet in such a way that a unique opportunity of human caring is then formed. Thus, both individuals must come together to experience an array of feelings, thoughts, values, belief, goals, spirituality, environmental factor’s, in which are based upon one’s past life experiences, the current moment, and an individual’s ideal future ( Watson,2013).
The Transpersonal Caring Theory relates not only the caring aspect but also how all aspects on individuals and the environment connect to form a better relationship with oneself and other’s. According to…

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