The Theories That Adolescence Experiences Essay

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the theories that adolescence experiences in life. When a high school student say that they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, or when they say they are attracted to same orientated people, are more likely to attempt a suicide. According to my own values and ethics, I shall not be with same sex person. This is not the rule that is being applied to my religion. Although, for me it does not matter if a person choses to be gay, lesbian or bisexual. Everyone must do what makes them happy and who they want to be. The risk appears to be at highest when a teen obtain a gay characteristics at a very young age. When there is a family encounter, the will probably make the choice of running away from the house or have been thrown out of the house, only if he or she is conflicted about his or her own gender orientation. If the teen does not tell about his or her gender orientation to anyone besides family, the teen will most likely commit a suicide. The reason why many teens commit a suicide or get into a big argument with their family or friends, is because they lack of education, they still need to figure out of who they want to be, and lack of confidence of themselves.
Teen who are in the progression of coming to a homosexual identity may worry about telling their parents. They often hate the idea that they are lying, leaving out, to their parents, but the teen will also worry about how their parents will reacts towards their identity. Many of the teenagers are not so sure or well…

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