The Theories Of The Constructivist Theory Essay

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I was never a good learner in the past and maybe in the future because I dislike learning in a classroom setting, but I feel like I can get through the rest of higher education with the right amouint of motivation. The constructivist theory is one of the best ways to learn and build knowledge through others and their own experiences. Bronfenbrenner 's model shows the influences of various factors that influences a person. There are still ways to change how a person reacts to certain things by conditioning them. Positive actions could be influenced if it is associated with positive reinforcement. Learning mostly happens by how much knowledge is changed and for how long. The information processing model shows how information is gathered and put to use for similar future situations. A teacher can find subtle ways to motivate a student to do better.

Constructivism is how past experiences can be used to gain knowledge and learn from the situations. Piaget 's cognitive development theory revolves around schemas in which bricks of information were used to build up a wall of knowledge. The knowledge needs to be adjusted to and changed according to new experiences to find the equilibrium between conflicting pieces of information. Equilibrium happens either by adding new information to the existing knowledge of a schema or by changing the entire schema to accommodate a new piece of information. Vygotsky also is a constructivist similar to Piaget but he added more to the theory.…

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