The Theological Interpretation Of Scripture Essay

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In much of the academic conversation surrounding theological interpretation of Scripture (TIS) one of the figureheads for studying a style and method for doing the old and re-imagined avenue of interpreting Scripture is John Calvin, yet Calvin is not particularly unique to his context because, as John Thompson notes, Calvin "accidentally" came into this second wave of seeing the necessity for biblical interpretation (Thompson, 59). Yet, instead of abstracting the theory or method for interpreting Scripture, it is prudent to investigate the actual practice of his sermons and commentary writing to understand how Calvin functions as a biblical interpreter. If John Thompson 's thought holds weight, then it will come to see that Calvin interprets the Scripture in a traditional way, while using new perspectives and tools to elucidate the meaning and engaged in some "idiosyncratically derived" ideas on Scripture (Thompson, 59). However, to examine the plethora of writings during Calvin 's time would be too exhaustive for this essay; instead, I argue that Calvin was a sort of Robin Hood providing the same insights and exegetical decision within his sermons as one can find in his commentaries. The reason for this is Calvin 's central focus to build the faith of many and to build the readability of all engaged in Scripture. Furthermore, the reader will recognize that Calvin’s approach to the New Testament and Old Testament has different foci for the community, yet the…

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