Essay about The Themes Of My Life

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Challenge and endurance are the themes in my life, thus far. Some challenges I have faced throughout my life were created by me while others were due to involuntary circumstances. I believe that my background has given me the tools necessary to make rational decisions and persevere through different trials and tribulations, and I believe it all goes back to my parents. My parents have done absolutely everything they could to help me be successful in life. I can recognize this now as an adult with my own career, life plans and bills. I think it all began when I was born. My mother wasn’t supposed to have any kids but after 5 years of marriage I arrived. As the miracle baby and potentially only child my parents may have, I was showered with attention and they wanted me to know and do everything. My mother took off work every other day to be with me in swimming lessons when I was only 3 months old. My father purchased “Hooked on Phonics” for me for my first birthday. At first when I heard about these stories I thought “that is a bit extreme” but as I grew up and matured I learned that my parents grew up in the lower ninth ward in New Orleans, Louisiana and my mother was never taught how to swim or ever really had access to a clean pool. My father never really got the foundation he needed in school and has always struggled with reading and writing. My parents just wanted for me to have the things they couldn’t have. To be able to have the experience they always dreamed of…

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