The Terror Of Osama Bin Laden Essay

836 Words Feb 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Osama bin Laden is one of then most well known names in the globe. The actions he took that led him to fame, was his success in creating one of the largest export groups of terrorism. Consequently, given him the title of: the hero of the Islamic empire. His desire to create a Muslim empire has influenced him to commit the most gruesome terrorist attacks of all time. On September 11, 2001 his attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center unleashed one of the longest terrorism associated war. The fear it brought to America led the current president George W. Bush to take the necessary actions required to reestablish safety. The United States wanted him ‘Dead or Alive’. After nine long years, a team of navy seals was able to finally take out the al Qaeda leader bin Laden by raiding his compound hideout in Pakistan. As the world celebrated with the notion that the holy war had came to an end, the terror and brutal killings did not cease. The group had grown strong and it appeared that Osama bin Laden had succeeded in training his followers to be self dependent and survive even with out him in the picture. The United States was anxiously in need of a new efficacious counterstrategy to prevent the continuous spread of al Qaeda. Thus, the popularity of drones skyrocketed. Despite the negative criticism of drones such as the “blowback”-fear of an accidental guerrilla- drones have proven to be the most significant method to diminish the remaining leadership of al Qaeda and deal…

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