Social Disorganization

This past Friday, Paris terrorist’s attacks left 129 dead and 350 wounded. President Francois describe this attacks as an “act of War.” The “Islamic terror group have claimed responsibility for the slaughter” (CNN). The coward individuals who committed this terror said in a statement that “they will inflict more pain” and “that this is not over.” The world has left many nations worried and aware of any pending terror. United States is united with Paris to fight against terrorism. Citizens of this country have re-lived our past terrorist attacks that happened on 9/11 on our soil. This attacks are still a wound in our hearts and will never forget those events that killed thousands of people of this country. The terrorist attacks in Paris have …show more content…
This terrorist leader was one of the most wanted person in the world. Bin Laden led thousands of people to plot against United States and they did accomplish this in the attacks in New York 9/11. After this terror attacks United States generated new laws and organized new ways to combat terror. Social disorganization leads the individuals to plot and believe that conflicting terror to other they will gain power themselves. Terrorist groups in the world have taken many innocent lives. For example, ISIS is a terrorist organization that have cause many lives and pain. Our recent events have brought memories of our past terror attacks on US soil. Though out history many people have died because of terror and people wanting to gain power for themselves. After the attacks government have enacted many laws in order have meaningful life for the individual will loose many privacy laws. The USA Patriot Act, that included surveillance for presume to be terrorist. Nonetheless this Act, was implemented for all citizens of the United States and we as citizens lost our privacy freedom from our right in our Constitution of the United States. ISIS organization is an organization can be seen in sociology as rational choice theory, this group work for their own interest and weight their consequences, if their consequences are less than what they want to accomplish they will continue with their own personal gain. As describe in our book this type of "terrorism, transitional terrorism (also called global terrorism), that is committed by residents of one or more nations against human and property targets another nation” (298). The terror may include but not limited to bombing on buildings, suicidal individual’s etc. ISIS gain will be conflicting terror to nations and to show that they can choose this path in order gain their values. As explain in our book

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