The Television Show : The Tv Show, Television, And The Fragmentation Of The Worldwide Audience

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The TV show “survivor” has seen massive growth and global recognition for 14 years (2000-till date). It has remained one of the leading series in reality television. Its growth and expansion has allowed lots of spin-offs around the world which includes countries such as the UK, Philippines, Australia, South Africa and so on. Jordan (2014) argued that the worldwide proliferation of reality television is a product of the increasing concentration of ownership in the television industry, the globalization of commercial TV, and the fragmentation of the worldwide audience (p. 522). This means that a show such as survivor was able to live on and is still going strong because it does not have one type of audience but rather it has mixed viewers with different ages and social class. Also with the combination of high ratings and low cost of production when compared to dramas and comedies, it has attracted different types of advertisers which in turn allows these companies to strategically positioned their marketable products for the world to see and possibly obtain.
Furthermore, in connecting this reading to some aspect of the lecture material, I will be analyzing it through the concept of multimedia integration, brand integration and globalization. Globalization is defined by as “The worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration”. Through licensing the show format to overseas broadcasters for adaptation to specific…

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