The Technology Intelligence Of The Robots Essay

1022 Words Mar 20th, 2015 5 Pages
Jobs that were made by humans have been taken by the advancement of technology.
Film makers are perhaps the greatest psychics to live. Movies produced far before this type of technology evolved it was just a figment of imagination to everyone. Today’s technology has brought the Sci-Fi movies to reality with slithering snakes and creepy crawling roaches that carry mini computers inside of them. The technology is being used to detect the lost survivors in disaster areas because they can survive through the tough terrain that human first responders can 't fit and maneuver through like small cracks and crevices. Although they are creative in design, they have to maintain the intellectual standards of robots the way people have seen them portrayed in different advertisements. It seems almost unreal that within a decade or less we could have robots walking around within our population.

Creativity and determination goes a long way from what is being accomplished right now in this industry. The technology intelligence of the robots is very reliable and trustworthy. The main thing is making sure the robots perform at quality levels and does not fail its job. “Even now, if it’s collaborative, its primitive…The robot keeps doing what it was programmed to do…” (Anandan). Researchers are looking for ways to converge internet networks to comply with the robots software. They rely completely on internet and could expand the internet industry in many ways. “When you take a broader view of…

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