The Teaching Of English As Foreign Language Essay

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Research Statement
Irfan Rifai

Being in the academia since 2008, my research interests have focused on answering my inquiries on the teaching of English as a foreign language, especially on the teaching of reading and writing. I study the incorporation of multimodality / multiliteracies in the teaching of reading and writing that includes drama and technology enriched instructions. My research is theoretically informed by the sociocultural approach to learning and development, social sources to individual development, and semiotic mediations to teaching and learning. To this end, I use qualitative research methodologies in most my research. Below, I describe my dissertation research, its contributions to the field of teaching and learning of English as foreign language, a summary of publications associated with the dissertation research, and future research initiatives in the aforementioned areas of interests.

Stories in the sacred texts and their retelling: A summary

The primary objectives of my dissertation study were to examine stories taken from scared and non-sacred texts and to understand how they are used in Language Arts lessons. The study took place in an Islamic school located in the Midwest and involved 48 students from grade 5 and grade 2 . The study is grounded in the sociocultural perspective of teaching and learning and applied ethnographic data collection methods, in addition to Labov’s narrative textual analysis model. The stories used in the…

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