Essay on The Teacher You Will Become

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Part 1Title Page
Category of the Teacher You Will Become -
 Adrienne Kinder _I am a(n) _Pre-k/Elementary______ (elementary, middle, secondary, pre-K) teacher of Social Studies/Science___(define subject if pertinent).

Part 2
What led you into This profession?- 1full paragraph

• Who or what (or both) inspired you to go into teaching?

My inspiration is very easy to see. I started to volunteer at my church with elementary school age children. Other volunteers remarked that I was extremely patient with children. The more time I spent as a volunteer, the more I realized how much I loved working with kids. Next, I worked at related church’s pre-school. This position very much assured what I already knew that I had found a passion. After a year working as a part-time assistant, I realized that I wanted to this as a career

Part 3 purpose of education (3 full paragraphs)
• Based on the philosophies of education, describe the purpose of education?

The purpose of education is a wide-ranging concept depending on the chosen perspective. One theory, essentialism, focuses on the basics- reading, writing, and mathematics. Using this approach, students will learn discipline, hard work, and respect. Another theory, behaviorism, emphasizes the effect of external forces and minimizes the concept of free will. Teachers should develop systems to achieve behavioral goals from students. Progressivism is a third approach, focusing on the students themselves rather than the subject…

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