The Tao Of Reading And Writing Essay

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The Tao of Reading and Writing: Written Word as a Tool for Self Development
I do not consider myself a religious person, in that I don’t feel wholly aligned to a single religious doctrine or school of thought. Life is too complex to be fully encompassed by only one set of values and doctrines, and whoever claims to solely know it all displays how little they actually know. One religious school of thought which has struck a chord with me however, is the Chinese concept of Taoism. The Tao, roughly translated to “The Way”, or “The Path”, is the concept that any journey undertaken or action done, once done with reflection on certain principles, can serve to lead one to a higher understanding of life and themselves. Some people choose to follow the Tao of martial arts, and they find enlightenment there. Others follow the Tao of surfing, and from this practice, they claim to glean knowledge applicable to everyday life. This essay serves as an exposition of my Tao of reading and writing, examining how it has served as a tool for my self-development. By retracing my footsteps, examining my progress thus far, and reflecting on the present, I hope to gain a better understanding of myself as a reader and a writer. On examining the archives of my mind, I realize that my existence has always been marked by a need to know. For many of my formative years, inquisitiveness was my defining attribute, and I could always be found questioning whoever about whatever, wherever. I continued in…

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