The Tales From The Thousand And One Nights Essay examples

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The Tales from the Thousand and One Nights provide a vivid description of the perspective of the women in the Muslim society. The tales give the reader a great deal of knowledge regarding the role of women in the Muslim society. Some of the stories air perspectives of the women either as beautiful concubines, disobedient wives or slaves who are more than willing to please their male counterparts (Pinault 19). The frame is narrated by a fellow woman recognized as Shahrazad who has the dream of saving her fellow women from the hands of a deceiving husband. Although most critics of the tales assert that the tales act to degrade women, it is evident that women in the society have for long been perceived as objects of pleasure which can be sold, bought or even given away as gifts to the worthy kings (Oliver 119). For instance, in “The Fisherman and the Jinnie” the sultan and the prince carry the fisherman’s two beautiful daughters. In this case, the daughters are given away as gifts to the two powerful people, which further demonstrates that women were perceived as treasures and could easily be given away as gifts.
For a modern day reader of these tales, it is evident that the women of this age do not have any rights. This is depicted that their husbands hold them at the Harem (Oliver 116). More so, it is easy for their husbands to divorce them and marry other women at will. In “The Tale of Ma 'aruf, the Cobbler” the cobbler’s wife is described as a wretch and a concubine, and…

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