Theme Of Heroism In A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Cultures all around the world perceive women to be objects and nothing more. For a woman to speak up for herself and make a change in something she believes in, truly shows the heroic act of that individual in any circumstance. The book A Thousand Splendid Suns on the other hand, written by Khaled Hosseini, demonstrates this principle very strongly through the two protagonist’ in the novel, Mariam and Laila. The development of the two in earlier chapters bring them to be totally different characters near the end when the true act of heroism fully proves to be evident. Furthermore the struggles of Mariam in particular built her into a courageous and selfless character, throughout the novel, portraying her has the true heroine. Throughout the …show more content…
Every once a week she would get a visit from her father Jalil where he would bring her presents and spend time with her. Soon after we learn more about Mariam and her mother’s relationship, in which Mariam never had support coming from her own mother for anything. Nana was not happy of how fond Mariam was towards Jalil, so she would tell Mariam plenty of bad stories that Jalil was portrayed as a bad father to hopefully win Mariam over. Nana also wasn’t happy about a lot of other things especially involving Mariam. An example was when a family friend Mullah Faizullah brought up Mariam going to school to learn and get educated. Nana explains to Mariam “Women like us endure. It’s all we have. Do you understand? Besides, they’ll laugh at you in school. They will. They’ll call you a harami.” (Page 13) Nana constantly didn’t treat Mariam right even when it would be for the best. Nana constantly puts all these negative and false ideas into Mariam’s head that were not true. As a result, one day Mariam decides to go visit Jalil to watch a movie he promised her. The deal was discussed during his most recent visit and prior to Mariam leaving, Nana was not pleased and states “If you go I’ll die. I’ll just die” (Page …show more content…
When Laila is first introduced, we can tell she has more support around her with her father Babi wanting the best for her. Babi explains “Education of women is important because society has no chance of success if its women are uneducated, Laila, no chance.”(Page 103). Babi unlike Nana seems to care for his daughter’s wellbeing by wanting her to be educated especially in a place where many are clueless to things around them and can’t defend themselves. Mariam later on proves that being a heroic character doesn’t involve school but involves inner traits that Laila can’t learn from school. After the death of her family, Laila gets married to Rasheed for a sense of protection because for a women to be all by herself in a society that does not respect women in any means would not be safe for her. “Rasheed reveals to Laila that Mariam is a harami and compares her to a rusty Volga automobile. However, Rasheed relates Laila to a Mercedes Benz - one that requires special care” (Page 222-223). The way in which Laila gets treated a lot nicer over Mariam proves that Laila doesn’t experience the same struggles that are remotely similar to Mariam’s. In the circumstances of Laila, her not losing as much as Mariam or experiencing the same amount of hate towards her reflects that Mariam’s struggles are much greater. Mariam becomes a stronger

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