Female Circumcision In Woman At Point Zero By El Saadawi

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Woman at Point Zero Reflection

How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the presentation?

The presentation based on El Saadawi 's book Woman at Point Zero reveals the painful process of female circumcision and the important role this procedure plays in Egyptian culture. There are four different types of female circumcision. In the four different types the clitoris and the labia are removed partially or totally. However in other cases the labia are sewn together, narrowing the vagina and the last type is the harmful procedures that are done such as vaginal piercings. The procedure is usually done to females under the age of 15. It is an extremely painful procedure and, in some cases,
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El Saadawi illustrates the role of women, the treatment of women, and man 's pursuit of power as a way to reveal to the reader of a woman 's position in Egyptian Society.
Her novel educates the reader about the circumstances of oppression directed towards the female body, and the identity of Egyptian
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El Saadawi establishes the role of a female in the family setting: “ 'No, your holiness, for the sake of the Prophet. No, this is sinful. ' Then his stifled tones hissing back: [...] What sin, and what Prophet? I 'm your husband and you 're my wife” (40). Sex between a married couple is supposed to be consensual in the eyes of god, rape was not possible between a husband and a wife. Egyptian men use the bodies of women as objects: “That men force women to sell their bodies at a price, and that the lowest paid body is that of a wife. All women are prostitutes of one kind or another” (99). All women are prostitutes they are forced by society to bend to the sexual whims of men. The importance of a man is to save the less fortunate woman: “They wanted to feel noble and elevated by reminding me of the fact that I was low. They were saying to themselves: 'See how wonderful I am. I 'm trying to lift her out of the mud before its too late, that slut of a woman '” (96-97). El Saadawi displays the typical view of Egyptian men is that women are incapable of taking care of themselves. Women in Egyptian culture are expected to serve a man as a slave and be treated as

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