Ambition: The Power Of Women In Hull House By Jane Austen

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The two most important themes in Chapter 12 for a reader to understand the concept of “The New Chicago” are the correlating themes of feminist power and ambition that stemmed from the new Chicago women.
Throughout the chapter a large part is focused on the power of women. In chapter 12 I really began noticing the introduction of women in the book. And as much as I feel that the author downplayed the tremendous acts done by women, I still believe it is an important theme to acknowledge. Women were always seen as men 's shadows that were never meant to voice their own opinions. Women were always in the background focusing on playing their specific gender roles like taking care of the children, the house and their husbands. In this chapter women
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Austen worked towards social reform and opened up one the most well known Settlement Houses in the country. It served as a woman 's place and a center for social reform. Women worked hard to pave a spot in the world. Ambition was what allowed them to achieve all they did. I believe that ambition and the feminist movements correlate together and balance each other out. Without ambition coming from women during the time we might still be steps far from equality .The settlement house worked towards the women 's movement and it promoted education, autonomy, and for woman to break out of traditionally male dominated occupations for women. Women were ambitious is achieve greatness and proving the men were not as important and they believe to be. I chose these two themes as opposed to others because first they complement one another immensely, and to get a full understanding of what was important in the this chapter which I believe is the New Women of Chicago, readers need to understand the themes of feminism and ambition. Although, themes such as defense for the castle, sanitation and the white city are also important the two I picked should be more focused on because these themes go on more than just for chapter 12, it can be reflected applied to life today on great

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