Essay on The Survey Of Secular Literature

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Survey of Secular Literature
Chapter Two will familiarize the reader to three leadership principles that demonstrate how effective leaders building healthy teams are the foundation of the organizational structure. They have the ability to articulate a clear strategy, foster healthy working relationships, as well as, instruct the head and encourage the heart of members to work towards a common goal. Throughout this chapter, the research will focus exclusively on secular sources that support these three principles. Chapter Two will cite and review secular literature to determine if leaders who implement the key principles will produce effective results.
Leadership Principle One: Healthy teams are established through implicit trust, integrity, and honesty.
A great team is one who trusts each other implicitly. “Can teams that don’t spend time physically together be effective? The answer is yes – so long as they can find a way to build credibility and trust” (Benson-Armer & Hsieh, 1997, p. 19).This trust can only be earned when all cards have been put on the table. Each member must openly disclose their weaknesses as well as their strengths, and know that those weaknesses will not be used against them. “Trust is the framework that supports all relationships” (Kouzes & Posner, 2010, p. 79).
“Live by the universal principles of fair play, honesty, integrity, and trust so that you can develop a bedrock of trust on which to build that song sheet”…

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