The Sun And Moon And Earth Essay

808 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
As humans there are things that are essential to our life on this planet. These things can come in many different sizes and shapes. Not only can they differ physically, but they might even have different meanings to cultures and societies. Some of these things can be found orbiting the earth or the earth may even be orbiting it. While the sun and moon are both essential to life they differ physically and metaphorically. Although both the sun and moon are essential to life they are essential in different sorts of ways. The sun is responsible for the heating of the earth and also for giving light. Not only does the sun do this but sunlight also provides vitamin D underneath the skin. More importantly, the sun makes photosynthesis possible which in turn creates the main source of energy for humans and other animals. Another thing the sun does is change the seasons, without the earth rotating around the sun creating the changes in seasons half of the year would be daytime and the other half would be nighttime. Meaning half of the year would be summer and the other half would be winter. Furthermore, the sun provides precipitation due to the fact that the heat from the sun evaporates bodies of water making rain or snow. However, the moon is also essential to life in its own way. One way it affects life is through the behavior of animals, some sea creatures, such as coral, spawn around the time of a full moon and many animals use the moonlight to hide or hunt more effectively.…

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