Descriptive Essay On The Griffith Telescope

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I visited the Griffith Observatory on January 23, 2016. I walked around looking everything and chose about what I write. The three things caught my attention was Center in the Universe show, the planets, and Moon Phases.
First, I saw the Center in the Universe. It was an unforgettable experience because the place is arranged with comfortable and recumbent chairs. The dome shows a beautiful blue sky with clouds around. I felt literality as I was in the sky. The show started with all the lights turned off giving the impression that nobody was there. A lady appeared talking about our universe and turned light on with like a magic ball. Then, in the dome started appear the stars, constellations, the Milky Way, in the process I felt as I was part of it. The moon appeared in rotation. It was changed through its phases. It showed that ancient people started interesting in the universe. Galileo used the first telescope and draw what he saw. He started
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The Sun and Moon are in the top exemplifying the phase new, full, first and third quarter when the Moon rotates, and the light comes toward the Moon. Moreover, there is a wall where has the shape of the Moon. If we see careful we can see the other phases of the Moon. There is a picture showing how it appears during its phases and its names. It gives information that it is a result of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Other picture gives the three reasons why the Moon appears different in the month, and there are: its spin rate, its orbit around Earth, and the illumination of half of its surface by the Sun. The last picture is showing how we see the Moon from Earth, how it appears in reality when the Moon orbit Earth, and how the Sunis Rays enter the Earth. People see every month the same Moon phases because the Moon cycles through its phases every 29.5

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