The Summer Of 2013 : The Year I Graduated Essay

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The summer of 2013 was the year I graduated. We have all been there: 18 years old , in a comfortable environment where our problems are small and plenty of opportunities. Some people have everything planned and sorted out, but most off them have no clue what to do with their life after high school. To be able to make a better decision people should therefore think twice before continuing their education without taking a break. People in Sweden usually take one or a few years off after graduating high school to figure out what they want to do. That might sound strange and ignorant, but in fact it has a great effect. Some of the people start working to save money, maybe for traveling, to study abroad, or simply just to have money in their bank account. One big reason to take time off after high school and start working is to get experience and knowledge about working. Working provides great experience, we all know that. By working and getting experience it is much easier for young people to decide what they want to study and work with in the future. Studies show that people who get their college degree when they are older and have working experience are more likely to get hired than the younger people without any experience at all.
How the school system works in Sweden is that you focus on what you want to do already in high school. For example if a student takes pre-med courses in high school to become a doctor he or she would go right away to medical school. This system…

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