Essay on The Success Of The College

1115 Words Feb 9th, 2015 null Page
The college is huge profit to all the students to advantage of education in their future careers. According to, researcher, most of the students have given the result that the college is really matter as worthwhile for them because they have professional professors who has more experience and teach them. That how the students able to learn and improvement on their skill, knowledgeable, experience, and find their passion what they love that will be great for their future careers. To me, went to college last year because I want to find what I love at and what the major that I would pick is. I chose Paralegal because I always wanted to be lawyer so I took one classes to see if I like it and try it. Turn out that I was not feeling that major is not fit to me and finally found what I really love at. The current I took is Digital Media and Business Management. That is the reason why all the student should go to the college to find their passion and get all the education. Students need to go to the college for to improvement their skills. The reason why it is important to improvement their skills is to get better and learn how to do right way. Students may think that I know more and not need to go to the college, but to get job is better. Most of job is not hiring people because of they had no experience, education in college, and professional. Students need to get good record on their files for instance, professor recommend that student should get in the best company, call…

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