The Study Of Jesus Essay

THCT100 – The Study of Jesus Essay.
“The Study of Jesus Christ, who he is, what he said and did, is vital for Christian faith. This is so for three reasons: Jesus reveals who God is, who we are and what the Church is about” (Fachtna McCarthy, “Jesus, the Christ”, in Anne Hession and Patricia Kieran (eds). Exploring Theology: Making Sense of the Catholic Tradition, Dublin: Veritas, 2007, p. 101).
Discuss how your study of Jesus Christ illuminates who God is, who Christians are and what the Church is to be.

The study of Christ is central to Christian faith because he set the tone for the traditions and rules so to say. The Christians believed that God loved his creations so much that he gave them his only Son to watch over the world. The study
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Jesus shows us that Christian’s are people who believe in the word of God, who trust in the Word of God and who spread the Word of God throughout the world to gain more followers for this historical Religion. To be a Christian there aren’t rules or guidelines but from our knowledge of Jesus it just means that having a special relationship with God and committing ourselves to following him and following his teaching and spreading the word of God. Christian’s believed that Jesus was the Messiah and that when he died and eventually resurrected he would allow them to be reconciled with God and that they would be offered their Salvation and they were also promised with Eternal Life. This shows us that Jesus was willing to suffer on the cross so that he could show his full promise to the will of the Eternal Father. Christian’s also believe that Jesus was human and divine at the same time. The Letters of Saint Paul, the word “Christ” has been used very closely to Jesus and the early Christians decided that there was no need for Jesus to be claimed as Christ they just accepted it and believed throughout time that Jesus was Christ. The miracles of Jesus also helped with the Christian teachings because it was a starter for his words and spreading the good word throughout the world and allowing the Christian’s to do all that they could to uphold his teachings and the Word of God. Jesus has also shown us …show more content…
The Church was created with the purpose of following God’s mission which was “is to inspire people to work with the materials he provides to bring forth new and good creations and to order the natural world.” So Jesus would help people understand what God’s mission actually meant and he would go around and help everyone uphold God’s mission so they wouldn’t anger him and then eventually build a Church in his name and use this mission to better the world. With this church and mission it helped Jesus forge the path of God for everyone to follow and give back to the Earth and God. The Church should also be a reflection of Jesus and his love, deeds and his words. And they should teach the words of Christ wherever they go and to glorify God and to make sure that Jesus is known throughout the world. And they would grow from the relationship that they shared with Jesus through prayers and by studying the Word of God and try to expand God’s Kingdom by living and preaching the Gospel, it was built on the light to the world. The Church itself was meant to be coming together and saying truth and the gathering of people so they could praise God and all he had done for this world. And to appreciate all that we had instead of taking the precious life God has granted us for granted. They were meant to be a forgiving and spiritual place where people felt welcomed. The Church was also meant to come

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