The Student Support Services Program Essay

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“The mission of our UTEP Student Support Services Program (SSSP) is to provide under-represented, low-income, first-generation college students and students with disabilities who have academic need with an equal opportunity to achieve a college education (Student Support Services Program, UTEP).” If you are willing to take on this extra help they are located in room 201 in the Union West wing. It’s their mission to guide and encourage a little over 200 student each year with the help of trained leaders in the University. This following information is directed towards incoming freshman to go on and take advantage of SSSP since it has lots of advantages such as tutoring, early registration and advising, retreats and the best part it’s very easy to join as long as they are meet the eligibility requirements which will be mentioned below.
This organization is directed by Jaime Mendez and his staff which include tutors, peer mentors, instructors, and counselors. This organization and staff offers tutoring when you are having a hard time in a class, peer mentoring to see how your progress in the university is going, academic and personal counseling, pre-advising, and priority registration so you get the first classes, as well as leadership development, and instruction in academic and life management skills including workshops to help you develop more of these skills.
There is some eligibility requirements in order to be admitted into the program. The student must be a first…

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