Essay on The Struggles of Derricotte and Hernandez

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The struggles of Derricotte and Hernandez As human beings evolve from infancy to elderly stages in life, times of struggle and hardship continually challenge their kin and personage; as life tests their mental fortitude and survival dexterity. In essays “My Father’s hands” by author Daisy Hernandez, and “Beginning Dialogues” by author Toi Derricotte, life and its whirl wind of ups and downs are expressed and exemplified. Both authors’ upbringings share various similarities on their evolutionary road trip through life. Struggling with hardship and abuse, how both authors’ dealt with their hardships, and how they ultimately survived/overcame these trying events, show similar correlations. Families are customarily impacted by life’s …show more content…
After her mother had died there was not much remorse or grief felt by Derricotte. She felt a sense of relief for she could live more freely in a way, yet she is plagued by guilt for not feeling much of anything towards her mother’s death. This was partially caused from her cutting off her feelings of love towards her mother to avoid any more mental pain at a young age. To cope with the guilt attached to her mother Derricotte looks for signs and little things to show that her mother is still around in a sense. She writes and thinks about it, wanting to feel something positive towards her mother, and slowly but surely this feeling of positivity grows for her. Feeling alone and beaten down when difficult things arise in life is quite natural, and it is even more difficult to keep moving forward. Yet both Hernandez and Derricotte made it through their personal life struggles. Though both essays varied in their own ways, they also had many similarities. Both authors had one abusive parent who taxed and tried their lives, yet without them they would not be who they are today. They overcame the hardship in their lives and ultimately harnessed their past and used it to pave successful futures for themselves as writers. In Hernandez and Derricotte’s pursuit of happiness, they both have wrote about what used to give them the most pain (their abusive parent and childhoods), which helps them to open up and heal.

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