The Struggles Of Antwone Fisher Essay example

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The Struggles of Antwone Fisher

“Antwone Fisher” (2002) is a biographical drama that begins as Antwone, an adult enlisted in the United States Navy, attacks his fellow soldiers. Given his grave offense and the danger he could pose to others, he is restricted to the ship for one and a half months. Antwone is also sent to Dr. Jerome Davenport, a Navy psychiatrist. Athwone is furious about this development. His reluctance about his current situation strains the relationship between the two men. Athwone is so unwilling to cooperate with Dr. Davenport that he resigns to spending therapy sessions in complete silence. He simply sits on Dr. Davenport’s sofa and refuses to talk to his psychiatrist. However, as the futility of his own situation finally becomes apparent to Athwone, he opens up to Dr. Davenport. After all, Athwone simply has to get through three sessions with the psychiatrist to get out of his present situation. This initiate’s Athwone’s journey to recovery in spite of his tremendous past problems.
Antwone’s tells Dr. Davenport his gruesome tale. His story begins even before his own birth. Antwone reports having never met his father as he was murdered by an ex-girlfriend as Antwone’s mother was pregnant. Tragically, Antwone was born in prison, and was send to an orphanage to await his destiny. Antwone would have to wait for his mother’s release in order to be reunited with her. Heartbreakingly, this day never comes. After Antwone’s mother is released, she never comes…

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