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The movie Antwone Fisher, directed by Denzel Washington, is a biographical film detailing the life of Antwone Fisher. The story begins when Antwone Fisher, played by Derek Luke, has an emotional outburst, after a fellow shipmate says a few offensive words, as a result, it leads to Being demoted, and sent to a psychiatrist as a punishment. Throughout the unraveling of the story, it shows how this punishment forced Fisher to face if problematic attitude and heal old wounds. Thanks to Dr. Davenport, played by Denzel Washington, Fisher was able to surpass what hunted him from his past and his new insecurities. Fisher faces many obstacles and challenges throughout his story, coming from a broken foster home where he was abused mentally , physically, …show more content…
He was abandoned by his Mother after she never showed up after bring released from prison. Fisher’s childhood was full of disappointments and abuse. after years of abuse by his foster parents, he was kicked out, after years full of misery where him and his foster brothers were psychologically, sexually and physically abused. throughout his story we get to understand why he has such problems opening up to people like Dr. davenport, and even more problems talking to women. he was afraid of being unwanted or abandoned again. Just like his mother hadn’t wanted him, and how his father and best friend had abandoned him. Fisher expressed this when Dr. Davenport lets him know that their sessions would soon be over, leading him into an emotional explosion, where he reveled how his best childhood from had been killed right infant of him, and how he felt that everyone he had ever cared for had abandoned him or abused him. He was afraid of forming essential relationships with people. when others would bring up topics that would remind him of his past he would lash …show more content…
his emotional out lashes led to him being reprimanded many times, and was even almost discharged for his dishonorable conduct. story begins with him getting into a brawl with a fellow shipmate because of racial remarks the other had said. any reference towards him that directly connected to his past would trigger and emotional discharge of anger and firsts. While in Mexico fisher had again had an altercation his shipmates for the remarks of hi being a “faggot”, for not having slept with a girl before. This directly connected to his past, he had never been with a girl willingly, but had been sexually abused when younger. Ever since then he had a problem with women, not trusting them and not opening up enough to form a relationship with

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