The Strengths And Strengths Of My Career Essay

788 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
The five strengths the strength quest gave me include deliberative, futuristic, responsible, input and significance. For the most part I already knew that I had these skills. Input and significance were pretty new to me, but not a total surprise. I think each of these will benefit me very well in the future.

I think that these will all be useful now and in the future. I have always planned for the future so I wasn’t surprised when I received futuristic as one of my strengths. I am always planning two steps ahead for everything I do. This will help me tons in the future. My career will benefit from me being futuristic. Being futuristic will help me land everything I need for my future career on the path there and also to get the actual career. Being futuristic will help in all aspects of my career. Being futuristic may be a little bad for me as well. I hope I’m not too futuristic to where I’m not only focusing on the future instead of what I’m currently doing. I think being aware that I’m futuristic all on its own will help me now and in the future.

I received deliberative which wasn’t a shock at all. I have always tended to be extra careful when making any decision at all. School, work, or personal, I have always been deliberative in these decisions. For example, my friend this past summer wanted me to go get a tattoo with her. I wasn’t sure on what tattoo I wanted and she ended up going without me because I was too deliberative. Currently I still don’t have a…

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