The Story Of ' The Hell ' By Louis Williams Tomlinson Essay

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He opens the door to find Liam standing there soaking wet, looking like a sad lost puppy. And somehow all he could think to say was "what the hell?"
"Louis Williams Tomlinson. I 'm completely and utterly in love with you."
"That 's nice but what the hell are you doing standing outside my door in the pouring rain?" He says, sounding almost like he’s reprimanding Liam.
“I need you to know I 'm in love with you, thought it 'd be a nice gesture like in those romantic comedy." Louis just looks quizzically at Liam standing there. Oh crap, he’s serious. Liam is actually serious about this.
"God, Liam, you really are a sap. You know your life is not a romantic comedy, right? Like we aren’t going to kiss in the rain and then live happily ever after.” Liam just looks disheartened and a little letdown, but he still has that pure genuine innocence about him, “Come in before you get pneumonia or something.”
Once soaking wet Liam is in the house and the door is shut tight and locked, ensuring that he won’t get any more of these surprises tonight. Louis runs upstairs to get dry clothes for Liam. A couple minutes later he comes down holding some pants that he is almost sure he stole from Liam a couple of years ago and one of Harry’s shirt he left there ages ago.
“Here are some clothes for you to change into,” Liam takes the clothes without question, “Aren’t you supposed to be the sensibly one? Yet you’re always doing the most stupid things.”
“What can I say, I’m a romantic.”
“This isn’t…

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