The Story Of The Apartment Essay

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The apartment wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t like the house he used to live in before his parents divorced, but it wasn’t bad. He had his own room despite it being considerably smaller than the one he had at home. At least it’s bigger than his younger sister’s. It seems unspoken, although, that when his older brother returns from university during the next break, that he’ll have to share with him. Just for the time being.
“Just for the time being.” His mother says as she places a box filled with plates on the kitchen counter.
“How long?” Sehun’s younger sister questions. At five years old, she is the baby of the family. A spitting image of their mother, whereas Sehun, took the looks of their father.
“Until I can afford a bigger place or your dad gives us back the house.”
“Why did daddy take the house?”
The room went quiet. Why did their father take the house? It’s a question Sehun pondered to himself repeatedly throughout the course of the day. He steals a glance over toward his mother for her response. He can see the distress in her eyes and the dejection that leaks from them. It’s something he had become accustomed to with the news of his father’s affair with a young secretary at work.
A slim hand runs through the front of her hair as her eyes focus on the lone cardboard box on the counter, she mumbles, “…because he doesn’t love me anymore,” before catching herself.
“Sehun, can you help your sister unpack her things in her room?” His mother flashing them both a smile, one he…

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