The Story Of My Success In My Fifth Grade Class

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This is the story of my life of when I was an ignorant kid, to when I am a kinda less ignorant person. As my life successes in my 6th Grade Class helped me as an individual and scholar. The failures in my 2nd grade which still are hard for me today, while reading and writing. My greatest strengths is the ability to calculate long and hard numbers in my head. Or how I can’t concentrate is my greatest weakness. Back in the 6th grade it was one of my favorite classes that I had remembered when I had the greatest success I had in my whole career. With one of the best year coming I had all A’s and a perfect honor roll school record. During that year I learned most of what I know today about basic math because I had awesome teachers. But my biggest success is when I went to the science fair and won first place. So when I went to the science fair I made a project on, how popcorn pops differently when it is mixed when different kinds of butters or different times. As a result I found out that the more butter you add the less it pops, but the longer you put the popcorn on, it pops more kernels. I was not always that much of a good student, when I was in 2nd grade I was a bad kid. I got low scores such as D’s and F’s on my tests. And that's not even the worse of it, I used to get in trouble a whole lot. A new week came around.... Friday school. Those were the bad kids days of me back in the day of how much immature I was. Back then I didn't care about school I did not care about

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