The Story Of My Search Essay

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The Story of My Search

“We need a doctor in here stat. She’s about to have this baby!” shouted the nurse. It was at this time I realized I wanted to go into the field of labor and delivery when I shadowed my dad on one of his shifts. I have always known I that I would like to pursue some type of skill in the medical field because I have always been around it. I have always loved helping people, so of course this is the perfect thing for me. The first place I looked for information about this career was a program called Mississippi Choices. The next place I looked was called Occupational Handbook. Lastly, I was able to set down and talk with Dr. Turner, who is an obstetrics and gynecology and close friend of my family, and become more familiar with labor and delivery and learned about situations I might come upon. By using MS Choices, The Occupational Handbook website, and interviewing Dr. Turner, I discovered vital facts about my career choice that I can now use to plan my future.
What I Learned The first topic I researched was what a registered nurse on labor and delivery does on a daily basis. I watched a video and used MS Choices to research the the basic tasks an registered nurse does and gathered some of the following information: a person in this career monitors fetal development by listening to fetal heartbeat, taking external uterine measurements, identifying fetal position, or estimating fetal size and weight. As a nurse I will work in emergency…

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