The Stereotypes And Complications Of Same Sex Adoption

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Same Sex Adoption
In recent year it have shown that Same Sex Adoption has been growing vigorously not in the USA only but nationwide as well, it has shown in several research that same sex couple adoption from foster care and infancy as increase more than the heterosexual couple. In the American constitution it has said that everyone is equal but, when it come to the LGBT community what the difference? Why society stereotype them as ungodly and discriminate they reputation? Enza Ferreri is a born Italian, she have a degree in philosophy from the University of London, which she pursue her professional as an author and journalist. She has been a London correspondent for several Italian magazines and newspapers, including Panorama, L’Espresso,
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Some people of society believe it is not healthy for a child to raise by a same sex couple but according to researcher and psychologist they have find prove and evidence that a child that is been raised by a same sex couple is just as well as child that is been raised by an heterosexual couples or even brought up much better having same sex couple for their parents. However the impact on what society assume about same sex couple adoption is not always true, the fact is they are a couple that want a family of their own to show love and affection to their love ones. Same sex couple sexuality and sex life has noting from stopping them from being a good parents or show the child negative point of view, or impact on the child welfare, it is perfectly ok having same sex couple for a parents. Hope one day society will see same sex couple as a standard family instead seeing them as an unusual. Society still believe that a child should be raised the traditional way. When the real is that people should mine they own business and let a person live they life and accept and adjust to the new change that is occurring. In time same sex couple would be accepted by people whether they like it or not. People need to stop judging other . Just like that saying goes ,”Don’t a judge a book by its cover” In time the nation will learn to accept same sex couple as a typical family and realize that their not threat to

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