The State Of Teaching English Grammar Essay

1535 Words Jun 22nd, 2016 null Page
Watching the video titled, Grammar Revolution did my heart good as it showed me that there are highly educated, dedicated teachers and lovers of the English language unable to agree among themselves how to teach grammar to children. The views of the “Stuffy English” crowd versus the “Practical English” people were quite humorous to watch at times because if they can’t agree then what hope does the average person like me have? With that being said, let’s examine the theme that this video brought up that the state of teaching English grammar is in chaos. As hard as math is to teach, the one thing going for it is that there are formulas and rules that don’t change. If a student can learn these formulas then he or she is halfway there in finding the correct answer. Unfortunately, English grammar has far too many exceptions to the rules; thus, learning grammar is made far more difficult than it should it. A great example is one of the very first grammar rules I ever learned, made famous by the Peanuts character Charlie Brown. In the cartoon,, Charlie Brown is studying for a spelling bee. He sings a little song to himself to help him remember one of the rules of spelling: “I before e except after c.” I don’t know if this was intended to be as educational as it turned out to be, but even I remembered this rule and have used it ever since. However, built into the rule itself there is an exception that states: “except after c.” But if you have one exception you…

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