Essay on The State Of England During The Revolutions Of 1848

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As Thomas Babington Macaulay appropriately remarked on the state of England during the Revolutions of 1848: “All around us the world is convulsed by the agonies of great nations. Governments which lately seemed likely to stand during ages have been on a sudden shaken and overthrown…Meanwhile, in our island the regular course of government has never been for a day interrupted…We have order in the midst of anarchy.” England constitutes a unique case during this time period—it is one of the few countries that does not undergo a major upheaval or experience the rise of extreme parties and political instability. Instead, England experiences a successful tendency towards democracy while most of continental Europe witnesses the fall of their democratic regimes into political instability marked by extremism on both sides of the political spectrum during the interwar years. We can attribute England’s exceptional case in avoiding the same fate of the other countries in Europe to the effectiveness of their governmental and political institutions to deal with and respond to the challenges that they faced. Their long history and experience in overcoming numerous other problems in the past created a greater legitimacy of the English political state. In the rest of Europe, stories of change came from violent upheavals and the rise of extreme parties. On the other hand, in England, stories of change come from the government’s flexibility in evolving with the time and adjusting to the…

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