The Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On Society

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Register to read the introduction… The oppressed workers began to form union-like movements that demanded certain things for the workers. Similar movements to Britain’s People’s Charter and Marx’s International Workingmen’s Association led rebellions in several areas that stretched all across Europe. The year 1848 saw the biggest chunk of revolts. Revolutions happened in France, Italy, Britain, and Russia (Hunt 709-715). Europe’s working class was finally pushing back against the middle and higher classes, demanding a more equal society. These revolts, however, did not completely change society at that time. Most of them were quelled in a short amount of time and never had a great chance to get off the ground. But, one thing these revolts did was create awareness for the lower class workers that were suffering through the Industrial Revolution. Eventually, with the persistent efforts of reformers such as Marx and Engels, among others, workers got the basic regulations and rights that they needed to have a decent life and provide enough money for their

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