The State Mine Inspector Of Arizona Essay

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Arizona 's plural executives have a clear line of succession. The plural executives of Arizona are, listed in order of succession, the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction (RioLearn. (n.d.). Structure, Term, and Qualifications. Retrieved January 15, 2016). Arizona also has two additional members of its plural executive, but they are not included in the line of succession. They are the State Mine Inspector, and the five members of the Corporate Commission (RioLearn. (n.d.). Other Executive Offices. Retrieved January 15, 2016).

The governor has a variety of duties. One of which is being the commander-in-chief of Arizona 's military forces, or the Arizona National Guard. The governor can utilize these forces for the protection of Arizona 's citizens. This power ceases when the National Guard is activated by the President of the United States for active military service. Another power of the governor is part of Arizona 's own checks and balances system. This is the power to sign a bill into law, reject a bill, line-item veto, or to flat out veto a bill. This is important so that a balance is kept between the branches, and no one group can dominate the political landscape (RioLearn. (n.d.). The Governor 's Office. Retrieved January 15, 2016)

Another very important member of the plural executive is the Corporate Commission. This board of five members is instrumental in ensuring that Arizona 's citizens are…

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