The Stamp Act And I Essay

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Today, on March 23, 1765. An act was passed yesterday by the Parliament called the Stamp Act and I, Averill Hartnett is outraged. Just in case you did not know what the Stamp Act was. This meant you had to pay a tax for any written documents such as legislative resolves, prints, licenses, newspapers, and songs. Just as the colonists heard this law, immediately started disputes, and began feathering and tarring tax collectors. My family was furious too.
Dad grumbles while looking out the window. “All because the British needs money”.
As my older brother, Marcus asks, “Can join the arguing outside?”
Mom quickly responds with, “No! I am not letting my son be with those colonists outside even though I’m boiling with anger too.” “How about you, Averill. How do you feel about this?” Marcus uttered. After a few minutes of waiting for an answer. I finally replied with, “I think it is not right for the British to take our money just to raise money for…for whatever they needed it.” “Good opinion. However we did not a civilized answer,” my father declared.
“Sorry,” I said while blushing, and then went back to my room. I shared my room with my little brother, John and with my little sister, Sophia.
“What is going on out there?” John asks.
“Just some angry colonists fighting,” I replied.
“Like yesterday?” John and Sophia said.
“Yes, just like yesterday.” I responded.
“What were the people saying, Averill?”
“They were saying, taxation without representation, Sophia.”
“Oh, okay.”…

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