Stamp Act Resolutions

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The conflict between Great Britain and her colonies in America was caused by many things. Some of the issues that caused this great conflict was rooted economically. One of the most known economically bases conflicts during the American Revolution was the Stamp Act of 1765. Parliament passed this act which would mandate that any paper product, such as; stamps, playing cards, and marriage certificates, all had to have an official British stamp on them. The colonists were outraged by this new law. The stamps that were to be on these things were taxed and that money earned would go directly to the British government. Eventually in 1766 the Stamp Act congress, which was forced a year before in defense of the stamp act, was formed and fought to get the act repealed. At the Stamp Act Congress the men present drafted up a document listing changed they believed should be made within governing the colonies, (“Stamp Act Resolutions”, 1765). After much deliberation they …show more content…
After all the British leaders all said that the colonists had the same rights as any Englishmen, yet they were being denied basic rights. The First continental Congress was gathered in Philadelphia to discuss what they could do to gain back their rights. While at this congress a document was drafted called the “Declaration of Rights”. This document declared all rights the colonists were supposed to receive under the title that they are “Englishmen” and by the laws of God they were entitled to such liberties, (“Declaration of Rights”, 1772). This document also stated that they were to have the right to abolish or create a style of government. Also at the Continental Congress the document “Declaration of Colonial Rights and Grievances” was wrote. This document stated that the colonists were entitled to life, liberty, and property and that all colonies were entitled to the common law of England, (“Declaration of Colonial Rights and

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