Essay about The Stages Of Grief And Loss

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Coping with the loss of loved one is always painful and inflexible challenges in life. Death or loss is natural part of life, but we will still overcome it by shock, sadness, crying, confusion, depression and other emotions( American Psychological Association, n.d). Griefing is most important in order to overcome the feelings and emotions related to loss of loved one, dealing with Grief is an adjustment to life after loss. Everyone has unique way of coping with stress and loss. For instance, some people prefer to share their feelings with friends and family members while other prefer to remain alone so, we have to accept and support their way of coping with stress which fosters natural healing. Griefing takes a time and it depends up on the individuals relationship with deceased one and support system but “ it is the catalyst for renewed sense of meaning that offers purpose and direction of life” ( American Psychological Association, n.d). Following are the stages of grief and loss.
Denial : Denial is the first stage of grief in which person becomes meaningless and overwhelming, there is a no sense of life, a state of shock( Kobler & Kessler, n.d). “ It is the normal reaction to cope with overwhelming emotions” ( Axelrod, 2014). For instance, when Wolterstorff heard the news of his son’s death, he felt the end of his peace in his life, became helpless, denied the reality so he searched his son in librararies, in church, in group of students and other places(Wolterstorff,…

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