The Sports : Basketball And Football Essay

814 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
There are two sports that are very popular within the society: basketball and football. These two sports have had a lot of influence throughout social media. People kept themselves updated on the sports and their players within television, Twitter, Reddit, and much more. Basketball and football not only have slight differences, but also have some similarities toward the game system, the game structure, and the sports themselves. Football is one of the popular sports that people enjoy to watch during the post-summer and the fall seasons. Many of the fans watch their favorite athletes compete by watching television, by going to the sport stadium, and much more. They can follow the players through the NFL website or through Twitter to see the players’ reactions toward the games they played. Athletes play this sport with a lot of physical strength and endurance. During the game, they should be able to consistently run, to throw the football, to defend their adversaries, and to communicate with their teammates. These players play with a football that is crafted with leather and has an oval-shape. The scoring system is based on how many times a player get a touchdown while having the football in possession. The teams can also earn extra points by kicking the football into one of the football goals. The duration of the football games are two halves which consist of forty-five minutes longs and at least 15 minutes between the halves. The teams start off the football game where one…

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