The South Campus Plaza Project Essay

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As you may have noticed SDSU has had its construction hat on over the past few years, which can be seen and heard throughout the day at numerous locations on campus. Although, the latest construction may have a different motive other than attempting to modernize and benefit students’ educational careers here at state.
In the past three years, SDSU has conducted multiple renovations, some often taking place all at one time. For instance, currently, there are two major construction projects taking place on campus, the Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex and the South Campus Plaza. The South Campus Plaza project is nearly complete and will be open for freshmen to dorm in the spring of 2017. The Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex, on the other hand currently projects that the completion date will be January of 2018.
These new endeavors along with the completion of the recently renovated Zura dormitory, have fulfilled every student’s dream of being involved in a modern, twenty-first century university. The new buildings were built with the idea to have a combination of contemporary architecture that also stays true to SDSU’s original look.
But perhaps, SDSU’s new construction projects were not intended for the students.
Researchers Charlie Eaton and Jacob Habinek of the University of California Berkeley say that universities tend to use borrowed money to fund “amenities” projects instead of using the money for “education-related projects.” In a…

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