Essay on The Sociological Imagination And Social Facts

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There was a person on Twitter said that: “Homesickness, like any other vaguely communicable disease, won’t go away overnight.” Actually, it’s very interesting to explore the way that individuals react differently when they are homesick. C. Wright Mills, as a sociologist, have indicated in his popular book called The Sociological Imagination that sociological imagination is a tool to help people to see the relationship between personal experience and social facts (Murray, Linden & Kendall, 2014). Mills (1959) also claims that there three characteristics which can test private troubles and social issues, including population and roots as well as solutions. The current study will focus on only one particular group which has a great amount of populations, representing those students who study abroad. Based on Mills’s theory of sociological imagination, two arguments have been made to discuss the reason why homesickness occurs among the students who study abroad has become a public issue instead of a private trouble. The first argument will demonstrate the root causes of this phenomenon and how they have impact on those students thus creating homesickness in cultural competence as well as a global perspective. Along with the essential elements, feasible solutions which is relevant to to solve the problem, have to be established in the article. Homesickness is a basic experience that millions of people are spending time away their home, especially for those students who have to…

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