The Society 's Performance Management Essay

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Personal Development Plans

The Society’s performance management process lacks emphasis on Performance Development Plans (PDP) for those who want or need it. The current process leans heavily towards the now and how staff are performing in relation to their objectives and the Vision and Values. Whilst analysing current performance is extremely important, especially when these are linked to reward, future career and skill development, a proper PDP process should form an integral part.

The PDP sits on the back of the performance appraisal form and is seen by many as an unimportant tick box exercise. The form itself is uninspiring, disorganised and difficult to personalise. Personal development is especially significant for key staff who have been identified as potential future leaders, is imperative for succession planning and in helping staff realise their ambitions. Our rising stars (Appendix 7) need a comprehensive PDP which enables them to progress. Other staff who may benefit from an enhanced PDP process are those who are currently underperforming as well as those who are currently performing competently but with support could become rising stars.

In order to improve this element I would re-design the PDP and implement a new document entitled ‘My Future’. Labelling it ‘My Future’ immediately makes this document all about the staff member and helps them to take ownership. This could sit with the current performance appraisal form or standalone. As a standalone…

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