The Society Of Human Resource Management Essay example

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In an article for The Society of Human Resource Management authors Jonathan A Spegal and Hoyce Lemay both give their input into topic. Spegal, who supports methods used by companies, begins his side of the argument by referencing statistics related to the topic. He states that according survey conducted by the SHRM in 2013, over 77 percent of companies use this method to screen their applicants. He goes on to defend this method by highlighting the positive outcomes this could have for future applicants. He claims that companies, when conducting the screenings, try and look for the good attributes in a candidate rather than the bad. For example, posts written on Facebook can highlight a candidates writing ability. Spegal goes on to explain that this method of screening is only used in extreme cases and that candidates shouldn’t worry and stop “Overreacting” (Spegal 10). He goes on to explain various methods in which a company can try to legitimize the screening process. For example, he recommends that companies have their Human Resource department handle the screening thus avoiding any Legal problems with their employees. Although Spegal acknowledges the moral issues involved his position remains firmly in the side of the Companies. His overall portion of the article not only defends the use of the screening but also attempts to assist companies that are facing backlash from their employees.
On the other hand, Hoyce Lemay who wrote the second portion of the article delivers a…

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