Religious Accommodation Case Study

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This documentation will discuss employers accommodating religious beliefs. The fact that employers must respect their employees and applicants religious practices in accordance with Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964. What the definition of religion by the law. Ways both parties must compromise of religious practices, both the employer and employee. Lastly, how Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola Company have been in hot water over discrimination
The disability accommodation is a hard line to follow and a sensitive subject. “There are many folks with disabilities who can indeed perform work place duties, statute is set in place because of the nature of persons with disabilities, there are difficulties within the workplace that
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“An example of undue hardship is noncompliance with seniority system, staffing issues, threatening security and/or health and costing the employer more than normal for operations.” What You Should Know About Workplace Religious Accommodation. (n.d.). While most businesses and organizations can comply with Tittle VII to adhere to the act, one shouldn’t expect an employee’s religious beliefs to cause undue stress and trouble or money for the company to simply adhere to an individual’s religious …show more content…
Clearly determining functions an individual is able to perform is necessary to avoid discrimination. Employers must remain in compliance with Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 at all times. Tolerance must be obtained from both parties to invite a happy medium within the work place. Within reason employers need to remain in tuned and vigilant of employees religious practices and beliefs. Again compromises can be made to alleviate discrimination. The unfortunate cases between Wal-Mart and Mr. Moorman for his age and the harassment he fact in the workplace is a tragedy. Lastly, Burns v. Coke is also unfair, an employee is clearly hurt from an on-the-job incident and Coke does not appear to be sympathetic to this injury is unacceptable. The laws and acts are set in place and rightfully so to fully protect the employees and ensure rights are not

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