Essay on The Social Issues Globalization Brings Forward

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While the world is developing and borders between countries are becoming less prominent, it is important to focus on the social issues globalization brings forward. In many countries, it is common for women’s voices to get lost in the crowd. During this time of transformation and global efforts, it is pertinent to remember the unique challenges women all over the globe face daily as a result. Aided by the structure of contemporary globalization, sex trafficking is an increasing problem across the globe. Despite the powerful forces that work against sex trafficking, most affected women rebel to hardships or unwanted cultural, social, or economic situations and seek out a better way of life. These women are willing to take risks to gain the lifestyle they want and by doing so become trapped in unwanted situations. In many countries, women play a secondary role in the household and therefore their education is not prioritized. This lack of education restricts the choices the affected women are able to make about their individual life as well as the economic and political roles they can assume now or in the future.
In developing countries, it is common for women to be excluded from decision- making. This is illustrated in areas such as the distribution of water, a basic resource that is becoming scarce. Although a woman’s opinion on an issue such as the rationing of water would differ and ultimately give a needed insight, women are undervalued and excluded in the decision.…

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