The Social Determinants Of Health Essay

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Australia is one of the countries in the world that is made up of different cultural groups with different cultural health determinants. Generally, the health of an individual begins from their homes, schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces with some similarities being evident while differences crop up at some point (Nagata,et al., 2013). The social determinants of health refers to those conditions in the environment that surrounds a given group of people that in a way affects the health of the people within a given setting. The conditions also affect the quality of life of these individuals as well as the general functioning of the society in question (Garg, Jack, & Zuckerman, 2013). The social determinants of health also refer to the institutions that in one or the other affect the development and maintenance of health along a certain continuum from excellent conditions to poor health conditions (Mitrou, et al., 2014). As such, this paper will look at the social determinants of health for two cultural groups in Australia by focusing its attention on the Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islander people in the country. The paper will present two case studies with each case study looking at the individual cultural group and the social economic factors that affect health in these specific groups.
Case study A: The Aboriginals
Social determinants of health There are a number of social determinants that are linked to the aboriginals in Australia. Some of the…

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